Sessions (60 min)

Ages 8 and up

One on One: Fully private session building overall soccer ability.

Two on One: 2 players 1 coach, semi private with a friend or teammate.

Small group: 3-6 players - friends or teammates. More emphasis on game like situations as there are more players to mimic match conditions.

What makes Moffat Soccer Academy stand out?

Coach Moffat has just finished a successful 15 year career in which he regularly played with and against some amazing players including Raul, Senna, Schelotto, Beckham, Henry, Keane, Dempsey and Donovan to name a few. The knowledge gained seeing how these guys operate first hand is invaluable.

Drills will focus on fine tuning technical skills and game awareness whilst being challenging and enjoyable.

Working in small groups with similarly able players will help push players to another level while having the full focus of the coach to guide and grow each player.


Sessions will be held in the Folsom/El Dorado Hills area.

What to Expect

Whether you are a Rec player or an Elite pro, there's always room to improve if you have a desire to do so.

The first session will touch on all different aspects of the game to gain an understanding of the players ability. Once that has been evaluated then the fun begins.

A positive, enjoyable environment to maintain drive and build confidence.

Players will be given challenges to work on at home to continue improvement.


One on One: $100



Two on One:  $55 per player


Group of 3:    $45 per player


Group of 4:    $40 per player


Group of 5:    $35 per player



Group of 6:    $30 per player